Updated: August 2020

Elimination of pain as one of the most painful manifestations of the disease for the patient is one of the primary tasks solved by the doctor in the process of determining the treatment tactics. The best option is to eliminate the cause of the pain, for example, removing a foreign body or tumor compressing the nerve, reducing the dislocation, etc. If this is not possible, preference is given to the effects on those links of pathogenesis associated with pain, for example, taking alkalis to relieve pain in duodenal ulcers, nitroglycerin - with angina pectoris, antispasmodics (see Antispasmodics) and anticholinergics (see Anticholinergic drugs) - with hepatic and renal colic, etc. In case of ineffectiveness or impossibility of causal and pathogenetic therapy, they resort to symptomatic treatment of pain with the help of analgesics (Analgesics), the effect of which can be enhanced by the simultaneous use of antipsychotics (Neuroleptic drugs) or tranquilizers (Tranquilizers).